The Crossland Foundation

Focusing on the advancement of Christian culture through education.

The Crossland Foundation is dedicated to creating an environment of trust in the church. For this trust to be based on reality, the causes for sexual abuse and other disorders in the church must be examined so that the church can be freed from crime, and the laity can trust the clergy not to abuse their office.
As a foundation that has no institutional connections to any church, the Crossland Foundation is independent and able to act free from political considerations.


The Crossland Foundation is currently publishing books, web articles, and documentaries that both examine the history of the disorders in the church and seek to identify the causes for these disorders and the ways that these disorders can be eliminated from the church.
Although the disorders in the Catholic Church have been the best-documented and are therefore the main object of research, other churches have also  been affected by these disorders and will be the subject of publications by the Crossland Foundation
The Crossland Foundation is actively seeking manuscripts to review and consider for publication.

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Crossland Foundation Publications

Days of Fire and Glory, by Julia Duin. Published by the Crossland Foundation
Available now at

Sacrilege, by Leon J. Podles. Published by the Crossland Foundation
Available now at

An Irish Tragedy, by Joe Rigert

Available now at